Urban Vintner

Urban Vintner
8827 - 120th Street
North Delta, BC V4C 6R6

Website:   www.urbanvinter.com

Phone:   604-596-6822



For some people, wine is a delicious complement to a fine dinner. For others, wine is a passion, an obsession, a lifestyle. If you fall in the latter category, have you ever considering attempting to make your own? While the process may seem daunting at first, you can easily (and inexpensively) try your hand at homemade wine with a wine making kit from Urban Vinter. At Urban Vinter, they are happy to share the art and craft of wine making with their customers.


All you need to do is stop by and pick up your kit. After following the directions, simply let your batch age for the appropriate amount of time and bring it back to the store for bottling. Once completed, you can take pride in sharing your own delicious homemade wine at your next dinner party. With a variety of kits, you'll never run out of great options to make, drink and enjoy.

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