Natural Balance 101

Natural Balance 101



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In 2011, two high school friends with a passion for natural negative ion body remedies pursued their idea to blend the powers of Eastern Philosophy and Western Science with Innovative Technologies to deliver products that improve and enhance people’s lives.



That idea became a company called Natural Balance 101, the creators of the brand Natural Balance 101 made a stronger silicone wristband then competitors. NB 101 products are tailored for a quality of life for everyone who uses them. The word “Balance” means abundance in all aspects of a person life. Abundance to most people generally means having lots of money. The word abundance to NB 101 means Spiritual, Health, Financial, and Family. All of these aspects of life are important; one without the other makes it almost impossible to have a workable balance.



“Abundance of life will be, when you explore the quality of life and what makes you happy within and around your spirit, health, wealth, and family.”


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