Maid Brigade

Maid Brigade
6834 King George Highway
Surrey, BC V3W 4Z9



Phone: 604-596-3936



Maid Brigade consist of several team of professional cleaners and maids all of them our employees. This is important because it means you don't have to worry about payroll taxes. We take care of everything. They are screened, trained and insured in case of damage, breakage or injury. They are uniformed and arrive in teams at your home in one of our marked cars, with all the cleaning equipment and supplies needed to make your house sparkle!


From our top-quality environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions to our hepa system back pack vacuums our cleaning products and service has been tested to meet the high demands of our clients. Each team has it's own working supervisor who takes responsibility for the cleaning of your home and manages the other team members in an efficient manner. In addition we have field managers who address any concerns you or your professional cleaning team may have. Our Professional Cleaning Service representatives are available to answer your questions or address your concerns about our services during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday.

Be Your Own Boss.

Earn $20 or More Per Hour!

Partner with Kater and drive clients in their vehicle. Make your own hours by booking trips that make sense for your lifestyle.