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Designated Driver | Kater
Designated Driver | Kater



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Your car is catered to you. You selected it for your style, comfort and your lifestyle.  So why would you not use your car to drive to events, parties, special occasions, meetings or to run errands? Let’s face it, having your own car is convenient, having to always drive it isn’t.


Kater serves to connect you to professional drivers during times when it is more convenient to hire a personal driver to drive your car, rather than driving yourself. Whether you are planning an evening out on the town, need backseat time to catch-up on emails or simply need someone to run your errands, a driver frees up your time to focus on what matters to you. Imagine; no more parking hassles, driving distractions, traffic frustrations or missed opportunities.


Get connected with Kater. Enjoy the luxury of a personal driver at a low hourly rate.

Be Your Own Boss.

Earn $20 or More Per Hour!

Partner with Kater and drive clients in their vehicle. Make your own hours by booking trips that make sense for your lifestyle.