FRESH Healthy Cafe

FRESH Healthy Cafe
116 - 15745 Croydon Drive
South Surrey, BC V3S 2L5
(778) 294-1282


Phone: (778) 294-1282



FRESH's commitment to health reaches far beyond just offering a healthy alternative to fast food. By packaging their food and drinks in 100{2076eee9543c14f86b0a8bd54b65e86c14f1160ee1761b9957f6d695422b4793} biodegradable cups and containers, they are also conscious toward the health of the environment. So ditch the greasy fried food served in styrofoam, and do something good for your body and community without sacrificing health and quality for taste.


With dozens of locations across the world, FRESH Healthy Cafe is an innovator in the healthy fast food industry. Whether you're looking for a refreshing mid-afternoon smoothie or a hearty meal (including wraps, paninis, soups and salads), every item on FRESH's menu is as good for the body as it is for the taste buds.


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